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Machine Stretch Film

We have first in class machine grade wrap. High performance film offers superior puncture resistance. 

Hand Stretch Film

Designed to handle the most challenging applications. This film offers optimal load containment.

Pre-Stretched Stretch Wrap

Pre-stretched at the factory gives you lengthen footage thus lowering your packaging costs.

Shrink Film

Used in many different industries to protect products, using a heat gun to shrink the film to the items.

Poly Sheeting

this product comes in many thickness and colors. Used a lot on foundation and other construction uses.

Poly Flashing

used in Construction and made in many sizes and thicknesses

Poly Wrap

Utilized in ductile/steel pipe installation, stopping corrosion.

Bagging Poly

Construction poly used in foundations 1.8 mil and 2.25 mil

Pallet Covers

Poly covers that protect the contents. Multiple sizes available


Acrylic tapes used in the packaging and moving industries

Contractor Bags

Heavy duty Pro Grade clean up bags

Painters Plastic

Self - adhering film, used in many applications. Excellent paint adhesion.

Masking Films

Masking paper alternative. No bleed through, overspray and dust containment.

Corner Boards

Edge protectors. Strengthen you pallet loads with our rugged constructed corner boards.

Slip Sheets

Used to lie on wooden pallets and protect contents from puncture. Also known as tier sheets, pallet liners and separator sheets.

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