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  • Jeff Parnell

Smile - it's Parnell Supply to the rescue!!

Our company has a vision... one that allows our customers to get top quality products at the most aggressive pricing available. We have developed the product line that allows us to be competitive and provide first class products.

Let's start with our stretch wrap and stretch film. We can deliver any gauge, be it 40 gauge to 120 gauge, or a custom one,no matter if it is in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or any other place in Texas. We are rated best stretch film supplier in Austin. We are also rated as the #1 supplier of Texas for Pre-stretched stretch film, as is our machine stretch wrap machine!

As we brought on our tape products, we wanted a line that gave us flexibility on the ability to give our customers the products that fit their needs. Our clear tape is super adhesive and allows for a very efficient usage. Find our Clear tape in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, as well as our Poly Bags.

We produce the best quality Poly pallet covers and bags. When it comes to Pallet Cover suppliers in Texas, we are number one. Parnell Supply has the best Clear Material supply in Texas. We are the top free pallet machine wrapping supplier in Texas. Our heavy duty clear plastic sheeting and heavy duty black plastic sheeting can be found at any of our locations.

Some say that we have the best shrink film in Texas. Our shrink film in Austin is as as good as the shrink film in San Antonio and Houston. We are rated one of the best Poly Flashing suppliers in Texas, but Number 1 Poly Flashing Supplier in Austin!!!!

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