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Tips For Working With Reclaimed Wood

Although most building material supply companies uses traditional wood Mill Direct Texas prides in their work involving reclaimed woods and in their top-tier service providing reclaimed wood Austin flooring solution.

Working with reclaimed wood Austin is a passion for the Mill Direct Texas and their reclaimed timber flooring is done with utmost creative forces capturing the authenticity of the reclaimed wood itself.

This is why this time with the help of the creators and collaborators from Lumber Austin Mill Direct Texas we have got you covered on expert tips for working with reclaimed woods.

1. Maintaining And Cleaning The Reclaimed Wood

If you are looking forward to construct a barn wall with reclaimed woods then it is best to start with first cleaning the surface of it with a nylon bristle brush. High pressure water pressure is alright in some cases however there lies the chances of damaging the wood’s quality and this is a short quick brisk with a nylon brush effectively cleans the surface of the reclaimed wood without damaging.

2. Inspecting For Attached Metals

Just as important it is to clean the dirt of the surface from the reclaimed woods it is equally important to inspect the wood for identifying any attached remaining metals in it. Often times reclaimed oak ones comes with nails in it and taking it out with a bolt makes the end result much more appealing and less time-consuming.

3. A General Safety Concern

Working with reclaimed woods also requires the crafter to takes one safety consideration into the account. It is important to ensure from the supplier if the reclaimed wood is chemically treated according to industry standard or not. Otherwise the craftsman will need to treat the wood himself at least for the sake of personal safety concerns

4. Emphasizing On The Texture

When working with the reclaimed woods much emphasis should rather be given on the texture of it surface. Reclaimed woods appear in many textures; some with curved marks while other ones come with more defined straight lines. The extent to which the texture of the reclaimed wood can be kept depends on the crafter himself but visually knowing the texture gives a certain idea too.

On the bottom line, crafting and working with reclaimed woods gives a sense of history and the end result is always a work of right. If you are looking for a reclaimed wood flooring solution then Mill Direct Texas has the right reclaimed collections to give you the most stress-free experience.

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