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What Are The Uses Of Building Materials?

The fundamental building material for laying the base of a construction site is undoubtedly the frequently used one and happens to be a durable concrete mixture composed of cement, sand or granite with required amount of liquid.

But the concrete mixture is used for laying the fundamental constructional structure and there are other prominent building materials which are predominant in the market and come with agile industry strength.

In here with the help of expert contractors and construction engineers from Mill Direct Texas and Lumber Austin we have compiled a short overview on the uses of 5 basic building materials.

1. Concrete And Its Composite Materials

Concrete and cement are composite building materials which are produced from natural occurring substances such as clay, sand or mud.

But, do you know the prominent building materials which are man-made? And, do you know the uses of such man-made building materials?

2. Bricks, Brick Blocks And Rocks

Using rocks as building material has been prevalent centuries ago and during the Bronze age and Medieval periods.

Breaks are cheaper building materials compared to wood, glasses and other ones and also happens to be the oldest type of building materials used for constructing houses and offices across world-wide.

3. Wood, Lumbers And Timber

Contrary to previous age-old constructional materials, currently wood is the most frequently used building material due to it high tensile strength, flexibility, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. And what more is that apart from softwoods such as Redwood, Cedar, Doug Fir and that of tropical hardwoods such as Birch and Oak the building developers are putting much more emphasis on using reclaimed wood as the building material.

Crafters and constructional engineers are dedicating their creative force in restoring reclaimed woods. The Mill Direct Limber Austin building material in facts takes a pride on their range of the most beautiful reclaimed wood flooring products and indeed reclaimed wooded floors increases the overall value of home.

4. Glass

Glass is the most modern building material and the insulated glass is mostly used as window materials in building a home.

Apart from it being as a predominant window panes material currently due to its translucent and opaque beauty and due to surge of creative interior designers in the field the use of glass as building material is also increasing.

5. Metals

Just like the fundamental importance if using concrete composite materials in constructing the structural base of a building, metals such as aluminum and steel alloys are the mostly used building material needed for framework and big constructional sites.

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